We Never Stopped Safeguarding Your Health

Our office not only smells clean and fresh but is a safe haven as well. Since March 2000, we have continuously implemented and upgraded the best equipment and safety protocols for your protection.

Our dental office has three completely separate and overlapping filtration systems throughout our suite resulting in air that is many times safer than in a private home when tested with a TemTop M1000 Air Quality Monitor particle and VOC measuring device.

Our built-in REME HALO whole office air conditioning and heating system air passes through UV LED, charged plasma, Photohydroionization, and zinc ions which kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold spores, odors, VOCs and in the air and on all office surfaces.

In each treatment and administrative room, our free standing Okaysou Active Carbon & Cold Catalyst absorbs volatile organic compounds and removes toxic substances such as mercury, formaldehyde, odors, and decomposes and captures ammonia.

Our treatment room chairside Red Wing Extraoral Suction specifically designed as a chair side extraoral suction unit for dental applications reduces harmful germs, virus bacteria and odors. The vacuum suction motor delivers 160 CFM into a HEPA filter and a charcoal barrier to eliminate odor. Motion video shows how remarkably successful and effective the particulate and gas capture are when the unit is used during dental procedures which include fillings and cleanings.

All our employees are screened daily for temperature and health, and we all wear CDC recommended personal protective gowns, masks, visors, and gloves for your safety. We remain committed to your health and safety now and in the future.

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