Testimonial for Invisalign with Dr. Korwin

Testimonial Invisalign

A time-challenged plastic surgeon recommends Dr. Korwin

Dr. Korwin has taken care of my teeth (and my wife’s) for the past six years. He has been my general dentist and also become my cosmetic dentist: I’m now doing Invisalign under his care. I started Invisalign in July 2007. I’ve always had crooked lower teeth to some degree and never really had the time to devote myself to a compliant treatment regimen that having braces would require. When Dr. Korwin told me about Invisalign and showed me, with photographs, the great result he anticipated for me, I decided to try it. Now, I’m six months into it and very glad that I did it. I’m noticing great results already, which I easily see when comparing my current photographs with those from three months ago, or with pre-treatment photos.

I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in a busy practice here in Monmouth County. Despite my rigorous schedule, my Invisalign treatment and follow-up care has been easy to handle. Dr. Korwin and his staff have always accommodated me when I needed to schedule an appointment at a specific time. Invisalign, in general, is easy even for a busy plastic surgeon. I’m glad I chose to go that route with my cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Korwin is the epitome of what every doctor should strive to be. He is a complete doctor. In other words, he treats the whole patient. He’s concerned with not only the patient’s dental hygiene, but also the patient’s nutrition, cardiovascular health, digestive system, other medical issues such as diabetes, etc. He has treated me with the utmost compassion and professionalism. In addition, Dr. Korwin emphasizes continuing medical education. Professionally, I can relate to the importance of attending local and national meetings on a regular basis to stay on the cutting edge of my specialty. Like me, Dr. Korwin is not afraid to say, I learned a new technique that will enhance my practice and provide better results for my patients. The way in which Dr. Korwin evolves with his profession and his scientific approach impresses me the most.

I feel truly at home when I’m at Dr. Korwin’s office. I, too, strive to maintain a very cordial, personable and professional staff and environment, which is what I’ve experienced in Dr. Korwin’s office.

Dr. Korwin’s unique mix of knowledge, technique, professionalism and personality make it easy for me to recommend his practice to others. – R. T., MD