Teeth Whitening Even the Darkest Ones Can Be Whitened

Almost all teeth, even the darkest ones, can be whitened.

Whitening occurs when a peroxide (carbamide or other) is applied to stained areas. Just like bleach in the washing machine, stains are cleared. The darker the tooth color, the longer the whitener must be applied. To minimize sensitivity, the percentage of peroxide is variable, as well as the amount of time the whitener is applied to the teeth. We also use a desensitizer before the whitener for maximum comfort during the treatment. Techniques that involve paint on, tray applied, and light or laser boosted, are all effective. The secret is in the amount of peroxide, the length of time it is applied, and how effective the application technique is. Power whitening is a combination of home and in-office whitening. The results are dramatic. We usually whiten teeth after Invisalign for beautiful cosmetic results.

If a tooth has pre-existing damage, then sensitivity will likely occur, so cavities and cracked teeth should be fixed before whitening.