Progressive Orthodontics

Dr Korwin is one of two Highest Honors Graduates of Progressive Orthodontics since 1984.

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) was first introduced to general dentists by Dr. Don McGann in 1984. The culmination of years of research and thousands of documented cases, POS has provided over 5,000 worldwide general dentists with a comprehensive straight wire orthodontic education during 2 years and 48 full classroom days of rigorous study matching the standard of care practiced by orthodontists. The program is taught by varying specialists throughout 21 countries and in multiple languages.

The IPSoft program used by Dr. Korwin takes advantage of diagnostic analysis and prediction capabilities offered by computers that were previously unable to dentists, including frontal ceph, model measuring, and visual treatment objectives. In 2003, POS included the Individual Patient Appliance created by Dr. McGann. the first customizable orthodontic appliance on the market. Featuring a wider selection of tools, including rotation brackets, torque brackets, torque/rotation combination brackets, preformed shape arch wires, and custom-welded bands, the appliance worked with IPSoft to design the perfect appliance for each patient, accelerating treatment time and eliminating the need for time consuming wire bending. Hundreds of dentists throughout the world become POS graduates every year.

Dr. Korwin applies the POS techniques to provide fast effective and comfortable treatment for patients who benefit from traditional braces. Invisalign is an excellent technique, but sometimes cannot achieve the orthodontic goals which traditional braces can. Some patients benefit from a combined technique, short term braces, and finishing with Invisalign.