Probiotics for Cavity Prevention

New research shows probiotics, (live microorganisms) in a twice daily mint can rebalance mouth bacteria reducing bad bacteria and increasing good bacteria to increase oral health. After brushing and flossing, application of 100,000,000 colony forming units (CFU) of S uberis KJ2, S oralis KJ3 and S rattus JH145 (called ProBiora3) colonize tooth surfaces, use up nutrients and make the mouth undesirable for the bad bugs which cause periodontal disease and cavities. A commercial mint containing ProBiora3 called EvoraPlus and Evorakids was developed by Dr. Jeffery Hillman and teams at Forsyth Institute, the University of Florida in Gainesville and at Oragenics. The peroxide released by the good bacteria inhibits colonization of bad bugs, reduces sulphur causing oral malodor, and even whitens tooth enamel.

Sunstar Butler has an oral probiotic named GUM Periobalance which is taken once a day. The active ingredient is Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis from BioGaia, a Swedish biotechnology company. Periobalance increases the ratios of helpful Lactobacillus and decreases harmful Streptococcus in the mouth. New oral balance probiotics are now available even for dogs and cats!

Thanks to Trisha E. O’Hehir, RDH, BS, Hygienetown Editorial Director for this great information.