7 Things You Should Know Before You Have Porcelain Veneers

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7 things you should know before you have porcelain veneers

1. How long do Veneers last?
Since veneers are strong as natural teeth, they can last as long as your teeth can, with the following provisions: anything that is bad for your teeth is bad for your veneers. If you chew ice, open bottles, or crack nuts with your teeth, you can bet your veneers or your teeth will break too! Most veneers Dr Korwin has placed 30+ years ago are still going strong!

2. Do veneers need upkeep?
Just like your natural teeth, the best cosmetic dentist will tell you that brushing, flossing and regular cleanings, as well as a night guard are vital to keep your natural teeth and your veneers looking and feeling good, and lasting a lifetime.

3. Why do people choose veneers?
Veneers can close tooth gaps, repair broken areas and straighten and whiten discolored teeth.

4. How long does it take to place veneers?
The first visit usually involves discussing the results you would like to achieve, taking photographs and checking for cavities, plus a cleaning so your gums are healthy and pink.
When crooked teeth are to be treated, a wax sculpture is done so you can preview the results (no surprises!), and as a blueprint for the new veneers.

The next visit, or in some cases the same day involves preparing the teeth by removing a small quantity of the enamel on the surface so the veneers fit snugly. Temporary veneers are placed on the teeth so they look great and are not sensitive. At the last visit, the temporary veneers are removed, and your new veneers are cemented in place, giving you a beautiful smile.

5. Do veneers feel like your teeth?
Porcelain veneers are specially made to look like your best looking teeth, and to feel very natural in your smile. An outstanding cosmetic dentist like Dr. Korwin will carefully plan this for you, by using measurements wax sculptures and great laboratory technicians.

6. Can chipped or broken veneers be repaired?
Occasionally accidents can happen, autos, bicycles, and sports to list a few reasons. In these cases, depending on the amount of damage, veneers can be repaired. In some cases, however, a veneer will have to be replaced.

7. My teeth are very crooked, can I have veneers too?
In some cases, veneers are great, but sometimes, some orthodontic treatment is required also. Limited treatment with Invisalign or traditional braces can give you a better smile, fill in the dark spaces in the back of the mouth, and even reduced or eliminate preexisting headaches and jaw muscular pain

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Using a super-thin layer of tooth-colored materials, veneers can improve the look of chipped, misshapen or discolored teeth.