Robert Korwin, DMD MAGD MICOI

Robert Korwin, DMD MAGD MICOI

Robert Korwin DMD MAGD MICOI
Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

About Dr.
Robert Korwin, DMD MAGD MICOI

Dentist, Teacher and Innovator

Dr. Korwin promotes excellence in preventing orally linked disease and provides highly cosmetic dental repair and reconstruction utilizing orthodontics, implants, surgery, prosthetics and sedation, with laser, digital and computer assisted diagnostics.


Dr. Korwin is part of the one percent of dentists worldwide who have achieved dual Mastership Awards from The International College of Oral Implantologists and the Academy of General Dentistry. Additionally, he is a board member of the American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia in Dentistry, and has received special training to ensure that his patients receive pain-free care at his dental practice.

“With these new procedures, we're able to help patients realize that they don’t have to live with a toothless smile or cumbersome dentures for the rest of their lives,” said Dr. Robert Korwin. “But best of all, we can ease their worry about any pain involved with the implant procedure because there is virtually none.

We love to see our patients not only completely satisfied with their new smile, but pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain and anxiety involved in the process.”

Additional information

Dr. Korwin began his dental career with a degree and residency at the world’s most prestigious dental institution, the University of Pennsylvania. After patenting new dental products, he has amassed over 2600 hours of postgraduate education. 

Dr. Korwin completed his dental education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry and has been treating patients in the Red Bank, New Jersey area since 1983. In addition to dental implants, Dr. Korwin and his staff provide a variety of other cosmetic dental services including crowns, bridges, veneers, denture, and more. He is known for using the most advanced dental technology, including air-abrasion decay removal, laser gum treatment, intra-oral cameras, and more. He is heavily involved in the advancement of dental technology and holds three dental patents. His work has been published in the Journal of Dental Research, the Journal of Continuing Dental Education, and the Penn Dental Journal.

With the latest in dental technology, your dental care by Dr. Robert Korwin can be given in customized, comfortable, time-efficient visits with a gentle touch.

Years in practice
36 years
University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry
Awards and recognition
Mastership Award: The International College of Oral Implantologists
Mastership Award: Academy of General Dentistry

Robert Korwin, DMD MICOI MAGD

Curriculum Vitae


1975  SUNY Binghamton, B.A. Psychology/Architecture History

1982  University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine DMD

1983  Certificate in General Practice Division of Advanced Dental Education

University of Pennsylvania

2004  IV Sedation Permit State of New Jersey

Awards/ Certification

1970-01 National Merit Scholar, NYS Regents Scholarship

1981  ADA Certificate of Recognition, Annual Session

1982  University of Pennsylvania Alumni Award

1982  Drabkin Memorial Prize for Research in Biochemistry

1982  US Patent 4470505 Amalgam Dispenser

1983  US Patent 4424034 Impression Band for Crowns

1984  US Patent 4449645 Amalgam Capsule

2001  Fellowship Academy of General Dentistry

2004  Certification Academy of Laser Dentistry

2004  Certification Bioresearch Assoc., TM Joint Analysis

2004  Invisalign Certification I

2004  Invisalign Certification II

2005  “Industry Icon” Straine Consulting

2005  Mastership Academy of General Dentistry

2005  Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry

2007  Producer of “Calmistry” Educational Training Program

2008  Producer of Skeletal Sandbox program

2008  Highest Honors Graduate of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars,
awarded to only 2 of 4,000 students in 24 years.

2008  Fellow International College of Oral Implantologists

2008  Master International College of Oral Implantologists

2008  Producer of “Calmistry” Sleep Training Program

2011  Award for Outstanding Service and Excellence in the Medical Field
presented by Elite Professional Group and Black Tie International

2014  Pinhole Surgery Certification

2015-2019  NJ Top Dentist Award; Best of Red Bank

2016  Spectrium Award – Excellence in Dentistry – Red Bank

2016  Sclar Center Advanced Implant Dentistry - Comprehensive All-on-4

2018  Nobel Biocare Tre Foil Implant Surgery

2018  Hybridge Certified

State Government Appointments:

2012  State of New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners


1981  Mercury Hazards in Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania

1996  Source for ABC News “20/20” Toothpaste – Arnold Diaz, Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs

1999  Collagenex Periostat Patient Information Video


Korwin, Robert. “Reducing Mercury Exposure in the Dental Office”

     Journal of the American Dental Association 104.2 (1982): 138. Print.

Korwin, Robert, Irving M. Shapiro and Peter Bloch. “Scuffing Mercury-contaminated Flooring:
Effects on the Ambient Air Mercury Levels in the Dental Office.” The Compendium of
Continuing Education in Dentistry
4.5 (1982): 472-76. Print.

Korwin, Robert. “Flooring and Mercury Vapor Levels in the Dental Office.”

The Penn Dental Journal 2.83 (1982): 26. Print.


1979-1982: University of Pennsylvania Department of Restorative Dentistry,

and Department of Dental Hygiene

1985-Present: OSHA In Office Practicum.

2004: Monmouth Medical Center Dental Attending

2005: MMC: Dental Inventions and Patents

2008: Greater New York Dental Meeting: Sedation

2008: Middlesex County Dental Study Club: Invisalign

2008: Monmouth Ocean Dental Assistants Association: Invisalign

2016-present Non Pharmacological Anxiety Control St Joseph’s Hospital Paterson, NJ


Professional Affiliations:

American Dental Association

New Jersey Dental Association

Monmouth Ocean County Dental Society

Academy of General Dentistry

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

International College of Oral Implantologists

International Association for Orthodontics

American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia in Dentistry.

Board of Directors ASAAD

Former Chairman Continuing Education NJ AGD

Former Provider Program Approval Chairman NJ AGD

Former Co Chairman for Master Track Program NJ AGD

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Clinical Instructor:

Clinical Instructor St. Joseph’s Hospital, Paterson, NJ

Former Clinical Instructor Monmouth Medical Center Dental Department

Expert Witness:

Butler vs. New York City, et al. Second Circuit, New York, Southern District Court,
Filed: October 20, 2010 as 1:2010cv07974.

Continuing Education:

Over 2,500 hours including: Veneers, Endodontics, Inlays, Onlays, Implantology, Surgical Orthodontics, Soft Tissue and Pocket Flap Surgery, Periodontal Surgery and Therapy, Pin Hole Therapy, Office Design, Practice Management, Fixed Prosthodontics, Ceramics, Esthetics, Partial Dentures, Precision Attachments, Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, Computer Science in Dentistry, CPR and OSHA, HIPAA, ACLS, Biofeedback, TMD, Conscious Sedation, IV Sedation, Osseous Surgery, Invisalign, Straight Wire, and Functional Orthodontic Appliances, Laser Periodontal Surgery, Implants, All-on-4, Hybridge, Bone Grafting, Medical Emergencies, Work Place Safety


Amalgam Capsule and Dispenser

Impression Band

Debris-Safe Protective Enclosure (marketed by Practicon)


President Union Square Condominium Association Since 1994

Vice President PKB Corp, Dental Manufacturer

President Zefr Corp., Dental Product Manufacturer

President Optimal Health Potentials LTD

Producer: CalmistryTM for Dentistry

Producer: Calmistry TM for Sleep

Vice President Skeletal Sandbox

Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist Academ of General Dentistry
America's Best dentist Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist
Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist AAID
Top Dentist Award New Jersey Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist
Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist Top Dentist

Patient Testimonials

Patient reviews of Dr. Robert Korwin’s dental implant procedures show that their experience exceeded expectations.

“I was devastated over losing my teeth and very self-conscious about my smile, but Dr. Korwin fixed my teeth and gave me a beautiful smile,” said. A.M., a patient of Dr. Robert Korwin in Red Bank, NJ. “Dr. Korwin took the time with me and gave me options that I didn’t know were possible with my teeth and smile. All of my treatment was explained, was very comfortable and also painless. Because of Dr. Korwin, I’m no longer anxious about going to the dentist and I have a healthy mouth and a great smile.”

“Not only were Dr. Korwin and his staff able to provide everything they promised me, but they went beyond and exceeded my expectations,” said Dominick Cerchio in a review on “I never have to worry about them pressuring me to get dental procedures I don’t need and they’re always able to answer simple questions over the phone.”

Barbara. A, in another five-star review said, “Dr. Korwin is exceptional, and he provides a thorough exam and explains the findings while recommending treatment carefully. He’s very caring as well as knowledgeable, and I’ve noticed he always has the latest in dental technology.”

“Several years ago Dr. Korwin put veneers on my teeth. I think they look great and I get compliments all of the time. Most importantly, Dr. Korwin and his staff educated me on how important it is to have healthy teeth.” – Gary G., Sea Bright, NJ

“With Dr. Korwin’s help and advice my decision to have veneers has restored my smile to its original bright whiteness! I’m thrilled with the results “ it was worth every penny. Dr. Korwin and his staff are caring professionals who make the process as easy and painless as possible. Being able to flash my pearly whites has given me a new confidence. Thank you all.” – Janice D., Red Bank, NJ

“I just recently got veneers on my top teeth. I must say it was worth every step. I actually would fall in and out of sleep during the process, that’s how comfortable I was. How funny is that. I am so relieved that I don’t have to be scared anymore. I finally found the right place for me, and I am confident that you will agree. That’s why they call it Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch!” – Tara L., Asbury Park, NJ

After getting my veneers, I felt great. The feeling you get when you get a new smile cannot be explained.  – Dan S. Middletown, NJ

“After growing up in an orphanage, in foster care and with a neglectful family, I had terrible dental problems and was essentially told by three different dentists that it was too late to improve my dental health and I would have life-long issues. I became phobic of dentists, not because of the pain but because of the bills!

My previous dentist would examine my mouth, give his assistant codes and then I would meet the billing person in the consultation room and she would give me a total, ask how I was going to pay and when I wanted to schedule treatment. I would then get the treatment completed, followed by x-rays and then a new bill for more treatment for problems that had developed in the interim. It certainly wasn’t my previous dentist’s fault that I had so many dental problems but I began to feel like he only cared about making money from my treatment, obtaining more referrals and furnishing his office in fancy accouterments to convey an air of prestige.

This fall, I had an important professional event coming up that was going to be filmed and I began to feel stress related to the appearance of my smile. I knew that my previous dentist was not going to truly care about my concerns and listen to what I wanted.

I contacted Dr. Korwin’s office only 1 ½ weeks before filming. They provided a free same day consultation with a follow-up appointment to discuss the pros and cons of different options to address both health and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Korwin and his staff literally spent hours educating me about my teeth and gums and providing recommendations to improve my dental health. I learned more from them in a few appointments than I had in 15+ years of going to the dentist. Never once did they make me feel like my teeth and gums were a lost cause.

The day before my event, Dr. Korwin installed temporary veneers that were painless and beautiful. When the permanent veneers and replacement crowns needed to be installed, the office again went out of their way to complete the procedure on a day and time that was convenient for me and once again, there was absolutely no pain after the procedure. Dr. Korwin is a calm, confident, gentle, perfectionistic and skilled clinician. Best of all, by following his recommendations, my gum health improved! I think it was the first time ever that a dentist told me that my gums looked healthier.

In closing, I highly recommend Dr. Korwin and his entire staff. They are all fantastic and a reflection of Dr. Korwin’s commitment to excellence. They have been consistently knowledgeable, kind, skilled and enthusiastic about helping me and getting to know me as an individual.”

– C.H., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

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