Dental Practice: Helpful information about COVID-19 Coronovirus

Helpful information about COVID-19 Coronovirus


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Dr Korwin’s Dentistry Is Reopening With Updated COVID-19 Safety Measures




Business hours:

Monday 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM–1:00 PM
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Dr Korwin's Dentistry is Reopening With Updated COVID-19 Safety Measures


We are excited to announce we are opening again. We appreciate the trust you place in us. On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, Dr. Korwin's office will be open to serve our patients and community.

We want to make sure we take care of you.

If you know you need necessary dental work done you can go and book now by contacting us at (732) 219-8900 or filling in the online booking form by visiting

The office and staff will be following guidelines recommended by the public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene, infection control, and medical professional team health.

We are confident in our ability to continue seeing patients and provide you with the best dental care. We have made an extra effort to ensure that additional COVID-19 specific safety measures are implemented and will provide a smooth and easy experience for you.

Will you be pre-screening patients?

The safety of our patients is our number one priority. Patients will be properly assessed for COVID-19 risks before being allowed into any clinical areas. Patients will have their temperatures measured and will be required to answer additional Covid-19 specific questions. Patients with symptoms consistent with a significant risk of ongoing COVID-19 infection should call their physician immediately and reschedule their dental visit after self isolation or treatment.

What are the new guidelines for office visits?

To help you prepare for your appointment:

  • Our new patients can now fill out their medical history and consent to treat forms online here.
  • Patients should arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to answer pre-screening questions or you may fill in consent form online before your visit.
  • Only the patient is allowed in the office. For children and adult patients who require a caretaker, one adult may accompany the patient.
Safe Dentistry
Safe Dentistry

Have additional safety measures been implemented?

Yes, we have a new COVID-19 specific protocol. Patients will be greeted, temperature checked and escorted from the front door to the treatment room.

There are full plexiglass barriers at the front desk and a hand sanitizer, glove, and mask station at the reception area. When patients enter the office, we ask that you utilize PPE equipment (mask and gloves) as well as cleaning your hands using the provided hand sanitizing station.

Our doctors and staff are provided personal protective equipment (PPE) including full face shields, isolation gowns, foot coverings, hair coverings, and double gloving, which are discarded and changed after any procedure that produces spray or dust particles. Our staff use N95 masks and have had OSHA mandated fit testing by an independent service to make sure the masks are worn correctly and assures our patients that the mask filtration removes particulates from exhaled air.

Further protocol includes plastic sheeting to close off rooms to contain particles. Thorough surface cleaning and all items removed from shelves to allow disinfection.  Exam room sanitizing between patients and fogger to disinfect the entire office middle and end of the day with food grade disinfectant. We are using a powerful yet biodegradable anti viral and antibacterial disinfectant which quickly breaks down after dispatching the bad bugs into harmless water and salt, leaving no residue. It is a wonderful disinfectant that has no chemical additives or preservatives to cause allergies or any reactions in humans at all, yet very rapidly kills viruses and bacteria to render surfaces and the surrounding air pure and healthy.

HEPA filters for each room and extra oral vacuums positioned at the patient mouth for each of two hygiene and doctor rooms.

How are you ensuring the safety of your more vulnerable patients?

We are taking every precaution to particularly ensure the safety of our more vulnerable patients.

Are you offering virtual visits?

Yes, we offer virtual visits for those patients who do not feel comfortable in the clinical setting. Dr. Korwin will be able to discuss your symptoms and determine the most appropriate treatment plan, including recommending an in-office visit when necessary.

We are confident in our ability to continue seeing patients and providing you the dental care that you have come to expect and deserve.

So how do I schedule my next appointment in the office?

To schedule your next appointment, please visit or call (732) 219-8900.

We will make every effort to ensure this is a smooth and easy experience for you. Our highest priority is to keep all our patients and staff as safe as possible. If you have any questions about this notification or your upcoming appointment, call (732) 219-8900.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your loved ones.

We are here for you and hope you remain safe and healthy.

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12 Temporary Dental Emergency Tips For Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown

How to deal with dental emergencies during the Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown until you can reach your dentist for a more permanent solution.

What can you do about dental emergencies when you are on lock down? Here are some very temporary solutions to apply when you can’t reach a dentist promptly.

If you find yourself with an unexpected dental problem these tips can help until you can see your dentist to treat the problem more permanently. Make sure that you check with your physician if there are any suggestions that involve medications or rinses such as salt before you try these.


Concerned About Visiting a Dental Office During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

We know you may have concerns about visiting a dental office during COVID-19, so we've prepared some information to help you get the information you need to help you feel routinely safe during treatment.

We work very hard at Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch to ensure your safety and health during dental treatment and will be happy to show you what we do to protect against disease transmission.

Dentists are routinely exposed to several occupational hazards, including exposure to infections, hepatitis, ionizing radiation, eye injuries, allergic reactions, psychological and stress challenges. As a result, we are acutely aware of our patients concerns relating to these and other matters and take every precaution in their behalf, as we do for our own families, who also are patients in our practice.

The same practices that we use to prevent the spread of influenza—which is already a part of a dental clinic’s standard operations—also prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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On the other hand, when your body’s defenses are depleted and weak, a viral attack will not only produce viral symptoms, but also cause other organs in the body to function poorly. This will have a very serious effect on your health. A weakened organ must still provide normal function, and now also additional defensive functions while your body is under attack from a virus.

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