Painless Crestal Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting Technique for Dental Implants

A radically new painless technique for dental implant patients with inadequate bone for conventional techniques is now being provided by New Jersey Dentist Robert Korwin DMD MICOI MAGD, in Red Bank and Middletown NJ . Dr. Korwin attended a comprehensive course on Crestal Approach Sinus Lift Surgery using The HiOssen CAS technique to review parameters for the approach.

Dentistry is a complex specialty requiring years of intense training to master. The Crestal Sinus Lift Surgery technique and course sponsored by HIOssen and taught by periodontist Dr. M. Alexandre Cho has enabled Dr. Robert Korwin to more effectively diagnose and intercept dental implant problems and treat them.

Dr. Korwin was invited to attend this course by Alper Senman Territory Manager at Hiossen /Osstem. The course was taught in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania on October 28, 2011 and included didactic reviews of predictably successful sinus grafting, and practice model surgeries.
Sinus lift surgery is used to increase the amount of bone which holds implants in the upper jaw. Traditional methods have complications including tears in the sinus membranes, additional second surgeries, or abandoning the planned procedure at surgery.

The safe, crestal approach sinus augmentation utilizes special CAS instruments which safely perform sinus lifts without the risk of membrane tears. Safe ended, side cutting burs and a hydraulic lift are used to gently elevate the membrane, and allow graft material introduction into the sinus, and distribution using specialized tools. A unique vertical stop system allows precise depth control during surgery.

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The CAS system is so precise, that an amazing demonstration using a raw chicken egg showed that multiple holes could be prepared completely through the egg shell, without disturbing the membrane and raw egg contents within.

Now, dental implant sites that were previously thought to have too little bone for conventional techniques can be now be safely prepared, and grafts and implants immediately, painlessly and inexpensively placed in a single visit.

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