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Includes Exam, Xrays & Gentle Cleaning
(Regular Fee: $488)

Robert Korwin, DMD, PA

$99 New Patient Welcome Offer

Includes Exam, Xrays & Gentle Cleaning
(Regular Fee: $488)

New Patient Welcome
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Choose a preference

Dental Services

Placement of implants Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Placement of implants
Implant-anchored dentures
Implant-anchored crowns and bridges
Improved Speech
Improved Comfort
Improved Self esteem
Financing made simple with CareCredit

All Natural Bone Grafts

NO Cadaver or bovine bone!
Highly effective
No risk of disease transmission!

Sedation Dentistry Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Relief from Dental Anxiety
No fear of gagging during dentistry
No memory of traumatic dental procedures
Accomplish multiple procedures in one visit
Avoid fear of “needles” and noises of dentistry
Faster treatment
Relaxing appointments

Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Tooth-colored fillings, inlays and onlays
Metal-free crowns and bridges made of porcelain and/or ceramic.
Porcelain veneers
Smile makeovers without braces
Cosmetic bonding
Cosmetic tooth reshaping

Oral Health at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Brushing and flossing instruction with video
Preventive cleanings
Oral cancer screening
Sealants to prevent cavities
Fluoride treatments for children and adults
Athletic mouth guards
Dental photography

Periodontal (gum) Services Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Non-surgical gum treatment
Antibiotic gum therapy
Scalpel-free laser gum surgery
Traditional gum therapy
Deep cleaning
Bite Guards
Improve breath and smile

Invisalign and Braces Cosmetic Dentistry

Preferred Invisalign Provider
Reduce risks of gum disease and tooth decay
Unnoticeable clear aligners
Comfortable and removable trays
No wires to poke and irritate
Short treatment times
Computerized treatment planning

Teeth Whitening at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

In office treatment
Take home custom-made trays
Radiant look in no time
Kit to use in the comfort of your own home

Laser at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Scalpel-free gum surgery
Needle-free drill-free fillings
Quicker recovery
Gum preservation
Less gum recession
Annihilates bacteria

Treatment of Migraines and TMJ Pain Dentistry Services

Night guards and therapeutic splints
Reduce or end tooth and jaw pain
Prevent further damage
Fewer earaches and headaches
More Enjoyable eating
Better sleep
Boost mood and quality of life

Dentures at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Full dentures
Partial dentures
Metal- free partial dentures
Denture repairs/relines/adjustments

Children's Dentistry Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Children’s Dentistry

Complete dental treatment for all ages
Special children’s play area – we love kids!

Mercury Free Dental Fillings

Mercury Safe Dentistry

Mercury-free dental fillings
Preserve teeth
More accessible
Prevent caries

Epinephrine Free Dentistry

Epinephrine Free Dentistry

For anxious patients!
For patients with cardiac and other medical concerns

Latex free dental office
Including mercury free fillings,
cosmetics, orthodontics, implants,
oral surgery, periodontal care,
sedation, and other dental modalities
Our staff has latex and fragrance allergies

Advanced Dentistry using the latest in technology

Our dental services combine the latest in dental technology with empathy and a gentle touch to help you obtain a beautiful smile. With sedation dentistry, even the most anxious or busiest of patients can have most treatment performed in one visit.

Are you missing teeth? Dealing with failed dentistry? Avoiding dentures? Dr. Korwin has a solution to get you a beautiful, natural-looking set of teeth. Using the revolutionary All-on-4 treatment, you can have teeth that help you look and feel younger. Replace missing teeth with a permanent set of teeth. No more removable dentures! Eat, smile and talk with confidence again.

Dr. Korwin is one of only 8 implant dentists in the world who has qualified for the prestigious dual Mastership Awards from The International College of Oral Implantologists and the Academy of General Dentistry. You will also benefit from his 35 years of experience.

Our happy patients will tell you that we offer the best service. Whiter, straighter teeth, and a beautiful smile are just a visit away.

Call us for an appointment (732) 219-8900.

Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

Advanced Dentistry has been providing quality dental care to New Jersey patients for 35 years.

A beautiful smile is just a visit away. Call us for an appointment (732) 219-8900

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