Invisalign vs. Lip Fillers: Reversing the Facial Aging Process

Invisalign vs. Lip Fillers: Reversing the Facial Aging Process

Reversing the facial aging process

The small vertical wrinkles that appear on the lips of mature women come from the aging process. Facial muscle movements cause breakdown of collagen around the mouth. This collagen breakdown causes our lips to lose elasticity, and flatten, while wrinkles become more prominent.

To remedy this problem, Dr Korwin (a New Jersey Invisalign preferred provider) can re-position and straighten the front teeth to prop up and reshape the lips to regain their youthful “cupids bow” appearance. Invisalign can be an easy, comfortable method of realigning the teeth for better lip support, and can eliminate or reduce wrinkles while bestowing a more youthful appearance too!

Invisalign creates a fuller natural lip

Painless, easy to maintain

Facial appearance is changed easily by repositioning the teeth. Teeth support the lips, and when they are moved they can do the same job that injectable lip fillers can do.Lip fillers on the other hand require repeated injections.

Invisalign repositions the teeth so they naturally fill out lip contours erasing wrinkles and smokers lip lines.

Once the teeth are in position, they continue to support the lip without fading.

Dr. Korwin is a New Jersey Preferred Invisalign Provider and now offers a free Invisalign consultation. Call now to take advantage of this remarkable new offer for rapid treatment times.

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