ICON No Drill Cavity Treatment

Catch cavities before they progress too far.

Since white or brown tooth spots may be the beginnings of a cavity, waiting may not be the wisest course of action. The new ICON cavity treatment is painless and can restore your teeth to their healthy beginnings.

First all of the plaque is cleared away and the shallow cavity is cleaned off with a mild acid solution. The tubule dental system opened by the cavity is then dried with ethanol and a thin resin solution is applied, penetrating the tubules and closing them. Excess is removed and a light used for tooth colored fillings sets the material to a tooth like hardness. This 15 minute procedure strengthens the tooth comfortably. Teeth in the front of the mouth are treated for cosmetic reasons, and in the back of the mouth, cavities are treated early thus avoiding the ‘watch and wait till it gets bigger ‘ syndrome.