Why take Blood Pressure at the Dentist?

Out of sight, out of mind.
Our goal is to help our patients maintain and stay healthy. With a busy lifestyle, monitoring blood pressure can sometimes take a back seat. Elevated blood pressure causes systemic disease and shortens lifespan. When we take our patients blood pressure we can flag changes, and refer to a medical professional to help control the problem. Taking blood pressure (at no charge) on all our patients has helped us find many, many, cases of previously unknown elevated pressure. Few dentists do this, but we all should. Some patients have white coat syndrome or anxiety when they go to any dental or medical office. In most cases elevated pressure of 10 mm or less can be a healthy response to anxiety. When pressure is elevated by 30 to 50 or more in some cases, then a serious underlying condition is present that should be medically treated. In some cases blood pressure can be so high that dental procedures cannot be provided until the pressure is lowered. Screening for blood pressure is a dental provider’s responsibility and a community service we have provided for decades.