Dr. Robert Korwin: “Implant Planning Has Come a Long Way” – Dental Product Shopper

A recently featured article by Dr. Robert Korwin in Dental Product Shopper, "Implant Planning Has Come a Long Way"

"Since Robert Korwin, DMD, MAGD, MICOI, first began placing implants a few decades ago, technology has changed the surgical process as radically as the gasoline engine has morphed into a Tesla. When he first started practicing in Red Bank, NJ, in 1983, panoramic machines were common, but cone beam scans were not widely available. The only information available came from a 2D panoramic x-ray with 3-mm radiopaque calibration markers and a wet periapical film, in addition to his knowledge of anatomical structures and what areas to include or avoid. In this article, Dr. Korwin looks back and compares that manual workflow to the digital process that he and his patients enjoy today."