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Wisdom Teeth Removal (Extraction)

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Time to have your wisdom teeth removed? Dr. Korwin in Red Bank and Middletown, NJ offers Wisdom Tooth Extraction services. Learn what to expect, before during and after the surgery.

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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Since hunter gatherers discovered the advantages of cooking food and began to stay in one location farm, the need for large jaw and three sets of back teeth greatly diminished.

Foods that were difficult to digest because they required enormous amounts of chewing were replaced by softer and easily chewed diets.

As the effort required to sustain life diminished, the necessity for large jaw musculature and reinforcing bone disappeared.

The result has been a decrease in jaw size, but retention of the last set of teeth in the mouth, or the wisdom teeth.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Although these teeth can develop perfectly normally, since the length of the average jaw has diminished, there is not enough room for them to join their neighbors, the twelve year or second molars.

Wisdom teeth can to stay in the bone hidden fully or partially, or if they erupt into the mouth, then they tend to be out of alignment with the rest of the teeth because of restricted jaw sizes.

A third molar that stays in the jawbone is described as a fully bony impacted tooth. When it is partially in the jaw, it is a partial bony impaction, and when the crown is covered only by gum, it is described as a soft tissue impacted wisdom tooth.

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Should wisdom teeth be removed?

Sometimes problems can develop around impacted wisdom teeth.

These can include cysts that enlarge and damage the neighboring teeth, or gum infections that can develop because there is not enough room to clean the tooth under a gum tissue covering, allowing bacteria to grow.

If the tooth lingers in the gum and bone, these problems happen, it is most beneficial to remove the wisdom tooth and eliminate the problem entirely, so the bone and gum can recover fully after the extraction.

On the average, the best time in development to remove wisdom teeth is between the ages of 18 to 22 years old. This allows plenty of time for healing to occur, and usually time spent healing does not interrupt other activities.

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What is the Recovery Time after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When planning to remove wisdom teeth, post-operative healing and care varies. Fully erupted wisdom teeth can heal very quickly and the discomfort from the procedure is minimal.

Fully impacted wisdom teeth can be more complicated to remove. Healing time is longer, and the procedure can be more uncomfortable afterwards, requiring post-operative medications and cold compresses.

Some wisdom teeth can impinge on nerves or other structures, and can be left by observation periodically, and some require only the crown to be removed and not the root, if the root is too close to the nerve to not cause complications when being removed.

Impacted teeth can require surgical flaps into the gums and bone to remove them. Erupted teeth usually do not require a surgical approach.

Some patients will choose to remove all the wisdom teeth at one sitting, others choose one side then the other, and some will remove only the worst offender, and observe the others.


Dental instrunemt for tooth extraction

Tooth extraction aftercare: Timeline and guide

Consult your dentist or Oral Surgeon for advice about your wisdom tooth and to help in deciding whether to remove them or leave them in place for observation.

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Dear Dr Korwin and Team Members:

I just want to take this time to thank everyone for your professionalism and great dentistry!  After only a couple of visits my gums and teeth seem to be in better shape-  After many years of struggling with bleeding and swollen gums they finally seem under control also.

Thank you for a “painfree” experience.

Kindest Regards,

Maria D., Point Pleasant, NJ

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Red Bank & Middletown, NJ

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