Sedation Dentistry – Robert Korwin DMD PA

Sedation Dentistry – Robert Korwin DMD PA

1. Am I the only one afraid of the dentist?

Half of the population of the U.S. needs to go, but does not go to the dentist. Many of these people do not go because they are afraid of the dentist. Many do not know that there is help available!

2. How can I not be afraid of the dentist?

With an experienced sedation dentist like Dr. Korwin, your treatment is done while you are in control and conscious, but in a dreamlike state. When you arouse, you will have little or no memory of the dental visit! AS another option, for many patients who request sedation, they enough trust with Dr. Korwin’s special care for anxious patients that they lose their fear and have their dental care without any discomfort at all!

3. Why did I get more fearful as I get older?

Generalized anxiety is a common problem among adults. As have more and more experiences, our fears generalize to many situations, whether we have reason to fear or not. The feeling of fear is real, the imagined discomfort is not! Sometimes we heave frightful stories or see movies that are deliberately designed to frighten us. We remember these exaggerated dramas, and apply them to our own experiences.

4. How can I avoid the fear that I feel?

When you see a dentist experienced in fear reduction like Dr. Korwin, the good feelings of your visit will replace the anxious feelings that you first feel. Our anxious patients become lifelong patients who enjoy their regular dental visits.

5. How safe is Sedation Dentistry?

In the hands of a trained and experienced sedation dentist like Dr. Korwin, all the techniques used to ensure your safety are on hand. Your vital signs are monitored during the procedure following the American Dental Association’s guidelines. We use oxygen and ventilation, and with the use of specific medications we can reverse the effects of sedation in case of need.

6. How do I find a great sedation dentist?

A great dentist will continuously take courses to keep up their education. They also are members of sedation organizations. A great choice is someone who teaches sedation at the hospital or University level. Dr Korwin, for example, has taken over 2600 hours of courses beyond dental school and he is a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. He also is a faculty and Board member of the American Society for the Advanced of Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry.

7. How do I know I will get the care that I need when I am sedated?

A great general dentist sees the connection between your overall health and the health of your mouth. He can make suggestions to make you healthier and to save you money at the same time! Dr Korwin has built 30 year of practice around ‘”what affects the mouth affects the whole person”. As a result, all information and plans are made in advance of the sedation visit, different options are explored, and financial issues are resolved before the sedation visit. Any questions are answered and a plan that is individual as you are is made with your decision and best interests always.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

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