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What Are Permanent Dentures?

Never have removable dentures. No teeth on grandma’s nightstand. Now, you can have permanent dentures. Live an active lifestyle without worrying about your teeth.

Permanent dentures are a set of natural-looking teeth locked down by dental implants. Dr. Korwin can replace missing teeth with permanent ones.

With more than 35 million Americans missing teeth, most opt for removable dentures.

What’s wrong with removable dentures? They are often ill-fitting, need replacing every few years, limit your food choices and

With the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure, Dr. Korwin can lock down your teeth with implants. Relax with sedation while he restores your smile.

Old-Fashioned Dentures vs Permanent Dentures

Let’s compare traditional, removable dentures with permanent ones:

Old-Fashioned (Removable) Dentures:

  • Jawbone decreases over time, making them ill-fitting and needing frequent replacement
  • Limited foods you can chew – reduced nutrition
  • Inhibits taste of foods
  • Can be loose, wobble when talking or eating
  • Requires creams and adhesives
  • Often need to be remade or relined
  • Cost less, but less effective

Implant Dentures:

  • Looks, feels like natural teeth
  • No awkward fit or slippage
  • Resume active lifestyle free of worry
  • Long-term investment, likely don’t need replacing
  • Eat whatever foods you like
  • No need for creams or adhesives
  • Maintain your jawbone structure
  • No saggy jawbone means you look younger

What are you waiting for? Live your best life with implant dentures!

Call Dr. Korwin’s office today for a complimentary consult for permanent dentures.

Start enjoying life again.

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