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Bonding a tooth is done when the tooth is discolored, misshapen or broken. A tooth with a cavity, chip, or fracture can be filled and bonded at the same time. Bonding consists of a plastic material, like the material used for fillings, which is placed on the tooth and hardened in place with a special curing light. An experienced cosmetic dentist can place, shape and polish a bonded tooth to look natural and blend in with the color of the surrounding teeth, or they can use bonding to lighten the discolored teeth.

Bonding can also be used to improve the bite by sculpting the bonding resin to allow the teeth to meet correctly. Bonding can be done for very young or for mature smiles and can be replaced over time.

Dental Checkup at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Braces and Invisalign

Braces and Invisalign are used to straighten teeth with overbites, underbites and crowding, and to correct problems such as TMJ. A very small amount of constant pressure over time coaxes the teeth into the proper position. This is planned at the beginning of treatment by the dentist, and corrected, or refined during the process. Retainers are used at the end to keep teeth in their proper positions after active treatment.

Invisalign Braces Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist


Bridges are a traditional method to replace missing teeth, which were lost because they never developed, or because they had to be removed because of decay, fracture or infection. A fixed bridge is made by crowning at least one or sometimes two teeth on either side of the middle tooth and holding a replacement tooth in the middle of the crowns. The bridge is permanently cemented onto the supporting teeth and does not come out like a denture.

Fixed Bridges Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist


Dental cleanings are very important to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to avoid cavities and gum diseases which can cause teeth to be removed. Periodic cleanings prevent tooth sensitivity from gum recession and are usually done by a dental hygienist who is specially trained to provide the most comfortable but most effective cleaning. The benefit of a cleaning is demonstrated by the periodontal charting at each visit that shows how much gum is preserved or lost over time. We will provide you with a copy of your charting to verify your successful home care and tooth health from visit to visit.

Dental Cleaning Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Crowns or Caps

A crown (which is called a cap too) is made to fix a tooth that is broken cracked or decayed so much that a filling will no longer hold inside and will prevent the tooth from being removed. A tooth is numbed to allow a crown to be specially prepared over the tooth. The process may take more than one visit to finish. A temporary crown is usually placed over the tooth to protect it between visits. A crown can be color blended to the other teeth or used to lighten teeth as well as strengthen them. Most modern crowns are made with high strength porcelain (zirconia) which is beautiful for front teeth yet is strong enough for back teeth also.

Ceramic crown for teeth


When teeth are not restorable to look and work well for you, the tooth may need to be removed. We are experts in comfortably removing teeth, and making the process atraumatic, physically and psychologically. Usually, a graft material of different types is placed where the tooth was removed, to allow healing and to keep the shape of the underlying jaw so an implant can be placed, or a bridge can be easily cleaned.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist


When our grandparents had removable dentures, the process used materials and methods that were already a hundred years old. In modern times, dentures are made with new technology and strongest materials for the most comfortable denture experience there can be. The denture teeth are specially hardened for long wear, and the teeth are constructed of natural tooth colors. The resin bases encase miniature threads to resemble natural gum tissues. The new types of dentures look and feel natural and work very well.

Dentures at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Fillings and Tooth Repairs

Dental fillings and tooth repairs for unhappy teeth are done comfortably and quickly with the newest advanced techniques. New materials set fast, so you don’t have to “wait until you eat”. New local anesthetics work very quickly and completely, and fillings can have many natural colors to complement all teeth. Even sensitive teeth can be filled and repaired so the sensitivity goes away.

Stages of tooth decay Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Gum Surgery

Germs (bacteria) that grow on teeth cause gum disease that will eventually loosen the teeth because the bone underneath retreats away from the bacteria. Removing the bacteria at home and during cleanings works well to prevent gum disease, but when the effects are persistent, to help keep the teeth, sometimes the gums must be reshaped with gum surgery to allow better home care. This allows you to keep your teeth longer or indefinitely and look and feel better with your natural teeth.

Dental checkup at Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Oral Cancer Examination

Oral cancer is a devastating disease that starts very small. Your dentist will usually do an oral cancer screening to make sure that you have no signs of this disease. We use a device called a Velscope® to see whether there are any microscopic signs of cancer that usually can’t be seen with the naked eye. In addition, your mouth and surrounding tissue are evaluated to make sure you are healthy. We want you to stay that way. Most dentists charge for the Velscope® procedure, but we include it as a courtesy because we feel so strongly that everyone should have the best chance to prevent oral cancer.

Young girl visit to Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Root Canals

When the inside of a tooth becomes infected, it starts a reaction in the bone called an abscess. These can be painful and swollen, or sometimes has no symptoms at all. This abscess can cause the root to shorten, or it can destroy the neighboring teeth. That is why it is important to remove the infection with a process called a root canal during which the inside of the tooth is cleaned out, and the root is preserved. In most cases root canal treatment is like having a slightly bigger filling placed. Most patients have little to no discomfort if the treatment is not postponed. By keeping your own tooth and preserving it with a crown, the other teeth are prevented from shifting and causing a bad bite. This avoids having to replace your tooth with a bridge or implant. Usually a tooth with a root canal treatment is crowned to preserve it.

Root canals Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist


Most teeth grow up with cracks and crevices that a toothbrush can’t clean and where germs will grow. Cavities form in these crevices. Sealants will keep the germs out of the crevices and prevent cavities. Like preventive vaccines, they are highly recommended for young people to prevent the need for fillings when they are older.

Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist

Teeth Whitening

Teeth colors are variable and change with age. Some teeth darken with medications, tea, coffee, cigarettes, even when drinking fruit juices. Teeth whitening is a wonderful tool to halt the aging process and eliminate the discoloration from food and drink. There are many different approaches to teeth whitening, ranging from commercially available products, to custom fit take home trays and in office treatments that can include laser and lights. Ask us what the best method is for your situation.

Teeth Whitening Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist


When teeth are discolored, chipped stained or broken, veneers are a wonderful tool to revitalize and renew them, as well as to close gaps. There are different veneer materials and procedures to make veneer, but the best veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are cemented onto the teeth. When planning veneers, I use a process called imaging and wax sculptures to make a predictive photo and sculpture blueprint of the veneer shapes and style before they are made. In this way, my patients can see the outcome before it happens, and approve or perhaps make the changes they prefer before the veneers are made.


Watch how patients love their results with Dr. Korwin!

Cosmetic Dentistry Before and After Dr. Korwin, Red Bank NJ Middletown NJ Dentist


“Several years ago Dr. Korwin put veneers on my teeth. I think they look great and I get compliments all of the time. Most importantly, Dr. Korwin and his staff educated me on how important it is to have healthy teeth.”  –   Gary G., Sea Bright, NJ

“With Dr. Korwin’s help and advice my decision to have veneers has restored my smile to its original bright whiteness! I’m thrilled with the results “ it was worth every penny. Dr. Korwin and his staff are caring professionals who make the process as easy and painless as possible. Being able to flash my pearly whites has given me a new confidence. Thank you all.”  –  Janice D., Red Bank, NJ

“I just recently got veneers on my top teeth. I must say it was worth every step. I actually would fall in and out of sleep during the process, that’s how comfortable I was. How funny is that. I am so relieved that I don’t have to be scared anymore. I finally found the right place for me, and I am confident that you will agree. That’s why they call it Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch!”   – Tara L., Asbury Park, NJ

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