Cone Beam CT Scan and 3D Imaging in Red Bank and Middletown, NJ

Dental radiography is unquestionably useful in the detection of dental decay and gum disease. Invented over 120 years ago the two dimensional x ray has been joined by an even more useful three-dimensional x ray called Cone Beam Computed Tomography or CBCT for short.

The CBCT can capture teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in one pass, and presents it in a way that allows planning different dental treatments including implants in a manner never seen before.

The x ray image is produced with an x-ray source and detector attached to a rotating arm. An x ray beam in a cone shape goes from the source through the calibrated area in the mouth onto the x-ray detector on the opposite side. This cone shape results in a ten times lower patient x ray exposure than a medical CT scanner will cause. A computer collects the images and assembles them in a program that allows viewing and planning.

Problems that are invisible to a two-dimensional x ray which result from root canal infections and cysts, can be detected with a CBCT, and areas where implants will be placed, can be planned to the last detail to avoid damage to important nerves. The planning process is translated to a digital surgical guide which helps Dr. Korwin to precisely place the implants at surgery.

Our office uses a Carestream 9000 3D CBCT which features one of the most minimal fields of patient exposure of all available machines. In addition, our employees have received appropriate training in the safe used of CBCT systems. We use a radiation physicist who has performed a shielding analysis based on National Council on Radiation Protections and Measurements reports, and who retests the CBCT yearly to make sure it is calibrated to ensure full patient safety. Our employees follow our quality control program and perform a daily calibration test which is overseen by our radiation physicist.

If you have any questions about CBCT radiographs, or about implants, please call our Dr Robert Korwin Middletown/Red Bank New Jersey for an appointment and a courtesy consultation at 732-219-8900.