Avoiding Human or Animal Disease Risks in Dental Bone Grafting in Middletown NJ with Dr. Robert Korwin

All Natural Bone Grafts

Middletown NJ Dentist Dr. Robert Korwin, Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch is now using a pioneering method of calcium phosphosilicate synthetic bone grafting in dental implants and oral surgery preventing the risk of disease transmission via graft materials.

Dr. Korwin is now using a new bioactive synthetic putty product with remarkable success and is happy to provide an effective, efficient and pain and disease free alternative to conventional bone grafting in his implant and oral surgery procedures.

Typical implant placement into sockets which are left by lost teeth requires grafting to ensure that bone fills the spaces between the implant and the remaining bone. A graft material fills the space and keeps gum tissue from filling the space instead of bone.  Calcium products are very effective and valuable in performing the space maintaining function. Even in cases where no implant is to be placed, bone preservation is important for proper esthetics, and preventing loss of bone, or a deformed appearance following oral surgery.

Initial methods of bone grafting to promote bone regrowth involved the use of cadaver bone and animal bone. The use of human bone banks and animal bone products increased the risk of disease transmission, although extraordinary processing measures were taken with the products to eliminate disease vectors. The use of an artificial bone eliminates the risks associated with human or animal donors entirely and provides a safer, anxiety free alternative to harvested bone in oral surgery and dental care.

The NovaBone synthetic bone graft used by Dr. Korwin contains calcium phosphosilicate which releases silicon, calcium and phosphate ions that accelerate and stimulate gene families to repair and regenerate bone. NovaBone has been demonstrated in studies to be replaced by host bone in 6 to 7 months, and is ready for implant placement even earlier.

Patients in Dr. Korwin's practice who have had NovaBone placed in their implant and dental extraction sites have all been very satisfied to report no pain after the procedure. They have exhibited remarkably rapid and uneventful healing in the implant and graft sites.  Dr. Korwin is proud to be a leader in the use of safer and more comfortable implant procedures.